Imagination is a pallet that has no boundaries. The quest for truth is always the road less traveled. Truth leads to a wealth of understandings that changes our very lives. Faith can turn night into day. The hope of our futures lies in our hearts. If we choose to recognize life’s truth, walk truths roads, brave them and stay the course, we will find ourselves living the life we were meant too. Twilight comes to each of us at different times. When we finally reach those pinnacle moments that make the difference, we realize that life will never be the same.

Welcome to the Realm of Arimathea ... A World that Promotes Peace, Enlightenments, bringing people together from every walk of life. Arimathea has created this place of refuge and reflection to provide opportunity for life growth, to help enhance One’s personal life experience.

Consider this, many refer to us as Human Beings who are always seeking spiritual experiences. Are we not rather, Spiritual Beings trying to Master the Human Experience?

The Realm of Arimathea is a place that helps our hearts recognize that which was once lost. A place to remind us of things forgotten. It is a place to reflect that life is a beautiful gift that can and should be shared.

Arimathea feels very Blessed to share with you all, life’s truths and understandings through the Artistry of Music, Light, Color and Sound. ... enjoy!

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